American Thot Likes Cocaine

One of our close friends told us a story about how he introduced an American 23 year old chick to blow and now she’s a regular user.

Our friend, lets call him Pablo for this story, has been an avid cocaine connoisseur for a couple years. He’s a seasoned veteran and knows how to make full use of the drug. He’s one of those who prefers to rail lines throughout a night out, do a couple shots of 100% white tequila, and sip on water the rest of the night. He prefers the cocaine high over the drunk buzz. Smart man.

One night he invited an American Thot, lets call her Jessica, on a night out. This girl isn’t a party girl, more of a pot smoker. She’s about a 7/10 on the boner scale and generally not that smart, even though she has a BS from some private university. She tells our man Pablo she feels like dancing tonight and Pablo says, no worries, I got you.

She arrives at Pablo’s apartment for the pregame. At Pablo’s he had some Don Julio and gave the little thot a shot. Conversations ensued, music is playing, and another shot for the man and the thot. A couple minutes pass by and Pablo tells Jessica “Lets go do some blow.”

He takes out a baggie and proceeds to cut some lines on his glass kitchen table. We’re talking about some real Colombian bazooka lines here. Something that’s OK for Pablo, but maybe a little to  much for our dear Jessica.

“I’ve never done cocaine,” said Jessica.

Pablo brushed this off, more likely than not she’s lying, trying to show she’s wife material.

“Bullshit,” scoffed Pablo.

“I’ve only drink alcohol and smoked weed, never did any cocaine,” responded Jessica.

Pablo kept questioning this girl because he knows these American girls are always full of shit since they all have no self-control during their early 20s. These whores cannot say no to anything that appears new and “fun.” After a good long convo, he figured she’s an actual cocaine-virgin. She’s never done blow.

Pablo rips the first line like a pro and hands over the rolled $20 bill to Jessica. Jessica asks Pablo if he could make the line a bit smaller for her, since you know, its her first fucking time. Pablo just tells her to snort half the line. Dumbass girl attempts to snort half the line, but since she’s a rookie, didn’t know when to stop and snorted the line like a true veteran. Pablo didn’t give a shit and proceeded to pour out another round of shots, and puts the music a little louder.

“This isn’t as bad as I thought, I thought I was like going to feel evil,” said Jessica, as she’s dancing to some reggaeton.

Well no shit girl, cocaine’s “evilness” has been over-hyped by the media and middle school health class.

Pablo looks at this girl and notices she is fucking wired out of her mind. So he cuts a couple more lines of coke on the table. He snorts his line, and leaves the rolled twenty on the table. Jessica, doesn’t even ask and snorts another line of yayo.

They eventually go to the bars down the block, ordered one last round of shots and proceeded to dance the night away. At one of the bars, the bathrooms are unisex, so a couple can go into the bathroom without it looking weird. Pablo like a pro, pulls out his key and does a bump. He offers some to Jessica, and she couldn’t decline. She was hooked. They leave the bathrooms, dance a bit more and finally head back to Pablo’s apartment.

Things get hot on the way there and Pablo leads her to his bedroom. Right before they fuck, they did a couple more lines. They then proceeded to fuck til the break of dawn like some wild rabbits. Pablo eventually knocked the fuck out, but our little friend Jessica couldn’t fall asleep, she was still wired. Pablo wakes up and she tells him “I couldn’t go to sleep.”

Pablo doesn’t give a fuck and orders her an Uber so he can get on with this day.

A couple weeks later, Pablo meets up with Jessica at some random club in the city. He was pregaming with his buddies and she was with her friends. When he said her, he noticed she was wired out of her mind.

“We were doing lots of cocaine at my friends pregame… Ever since I did it with you, I’ve been doing it every time I go out,” exclaimed Jessica.



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