Don’t Drink, Do Blow

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been rather busy with other hobbies and projects. It’s the shit you gotta do when you’re trying to leave the 9-5 grind that’s so common with the regular folk. We get to the point were we are constantly grinding, accomplishing shit left and right, in a good routine then suddenly it all goes to shit. We lose control of the mother fucking ship and tread back to “normal” people shit. It goes to shit because we went out to drink. We get shit-faced, and wake up the next day hungover.

The day you’re hungover is the day you lose any willpower and discipline in you. All day you’re worthless because your body and mind is recovering. You have shit to read, shit to write about, shit to learn on one of your free days of the week and you can’t because you’re hungover like a motherfucking dog. You’ll be tired all day because you didn’t get good sleep since your body is still recovering from processing all that alcohol. What does your worthless self do instead? Watch television, whether it be some bullshit like Netflix or watching men accomplish their goals (sports). You just lay there like a fucking vegetable, recovering because you decided to drink a shit-ton of alcohol. You can’t eat clean because your hungover body is craving shit. It needs sodium and grease because all the nutrients that keep you going were pissed away last night. Load up on carbs on a day you wont even be able to workout because you feel like shit.

Let’s say you have a decent routine going on and have a couple goals you want to accomplish. You want to go out but don’t want to stop the momentum you have going. You still want hang out with the boys and see what the night has to offer. You want to be in a party mood and not be a Debby downer. We suggest you just snort blow instead of drinking for many fucking reasons. Primarily because you will not get hungover. You will not be worthless the following day and you will be able to get shit done. The only hangover remedy out there that works is to not drink.

Cocaine does not give you hangovers. With blow, you will be in a party mood: chatty & enjoying music. You will have the confidence alcohol gives you, only this time you’re in control. Cocaine is the PEDs of the party world. It’s great to consume on its own and it will get you through the night. Probably one of the better benefits is that your wallet wont get depleted buying overpriced drinks at the bar/club. Our go-to is some yuppie bottled water and that’s it. We wont’ spend a single dime on alcoholic drinks, just bottled water and the bartender’s tip. A gram of coke is about $50-80 in the USA, enough to last you two nights if you don’t share it. As a matter fact, we are starting to lean off the alcohol all together and stick to PEDs since its more efficient money wise and it’s better on the body and soul.

Don’t get us wrong, we still like to booze and get yucky. However, there are times when we need to get shit done and a night of boozing will fuck everything up. We only have limited time on this planet. We rather snort some of that Bolivian marching powder and still party than just stay in like some fucking nerd. The key here is to snort so that you can party and not lose the momentum when it comes to getting shit done. There will be a time when it is okay to booze and have a hangover (ie you accomplish something). When it comes to getting shit done in your life, don’t drink, do blow.



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