2C-B (Pink Cocaine)

The history of cocaine users is an interesting one because right before the drug became popular and affordable, the wealthy and those in good society were the only ones taking bumps. This is because the drug was in limited supply and only those who had the means to afford it were snorting lines. The aristocrats, the hedge fund kids of the early 1900s were the ones snorting God’s powder. Once supply of the drug went up (legally since big pharma was producing it— pure), the dregs of society were then finally able to afford to go skiing. Cocaine then goes from being the drug of the uber wealthy, to the dregs of society.

Fast forward to today, and the rich and rowdy still party with the Bolivian marching powder in the USA, along with the dregs. However in Colombia, there’s a semi-new drug that only the 1% are fucking with: 2C-B. Known as “Pink Cocaine”, “Tusi,” and “Tuci.” It’s a designer drug that most describe as a cross between LSD and MDMA and hard to find in the western world. Tusi is the quaaludes of our generation. This stuff gives you energy like cocaine and makes you really horny. The pink cocaine makes you feel really great and the visuals you see are amazing. There’s no painful come down like other drugs and its not neurologically toxic like MDMA. Compared to blow, this stuff gave us energy for a longer period of time (2hrs+). It’s like the perfect drug, especially if you mix it with some blow.


The first time we had it was in Medellin, Colombia and only the rich and wealthy were partying with this fine pink powder. A gram of coke costs $10 or less in Colombia, a gram of Tusi was about $70 American. During our time in Medellin, we weren’t open to doing Tusi. The pink color is a bit daunting and unappealing. It wasn’t until we reached the end of a 5-day coke binge that we decided to give it a go because the blow wasn’t giving us the energy we needed to get through with the partying. Five days of during fish-scale grade cocaine and you build a tolerance to it and start snorting fat ropes of white girl, which can be dangerous if you’re not experienced with it. We said fuck it and decided to try the pink powder. We snorted a few bumps of the fine tusi and that shit brought us back to life. We went from feeling meh to euphoric. The music sounded great and the alcohol started flowing in to our bodies. We then commenced to party for another 12hours towards the end of our 5 day binge.

Interesting enough,  during those 12 hours, the locals we were partying with and the whores usually declined when we offered them blow. However, when it came to doing the Tusi (and weed), we didn’t have to ask twice. They were all over it and wanted more. Its as if they had a hedonic adaptation for blow, but for Tusi, they behaved like a fat kid does at a candy store. Everyone was taking bumps of the pink cocaine and having a good time. Even before we proceeded to bang some whores, the girls insisted we snort Tusi in order to make the grown-up time more fun, and it sure did.

This drug is the real deal and if you got the means to get tusi, do it. It’s a relatively rare drug find in the USA, Europe and Australia but we believe that the craze will pick up soon. If you ever go to Medellin, it’ll be easy to score. Feel free to slide in our DMs if you have any questions about pink cocaine.




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