The 15 Cocaine Binge Commandments

1. Prior Cocaine Use Required

If you’re going to party for 5-7 days on cocaine, you must have experience doing coke. Without it, you are at high risk to hurt yourself in many ways because you do not know your current limits. You will not enjoy the experience during and after as the withdrawals will blindside you and you will end up at some half-way house. Spend some time doing bumps every now and then, learn how you react during and after the high. Once you’re ready, party like you’re Charlie Sheen.

2. Only Use High Quality Blow

You’re going to be shoving Bolivian Marching powder for more than 5-days. Do yourself a favor and only use high-grade cocaine. Low-grade stuff is cut with baby laxatives, fentanyl, speed, and vitamin E. Low grade stuff doesn’t give you the euphoria you get from high-grade cocaine. Snort shit that’s been cut god knows how many times and your nose and head are going to hate you. Low-grade blow gives you nose bleeds and no euphoria. If you can’t obtain some high quality yayo, learn how to acetone wash it.

3. Buy at Least an 8-Ball

If you’re going to do a binge, get at least an 8-ball or more. You get more bang for your buck and your dealer will be a happy man. Doing blow by yourself sucks, so expect to share it with those around you, especially the whores. Spreading a gram to make it last 5 days is not a binge, its rookie stuff. You want to have enough so that you never have to worry about getting more because it can be a pain in the ass to get it last minute at 5AM via WhatsApp. Additionally, you put yourself at risk to buy low-grade blow when you get it last minute.

4.  Limit use to 1g a Day

Maybe more if you’re fatter. We don’t want to see you die and you shouldn’t be wired off your balls. Cocaine is meant to be enjoyed for its euphoric and awakening effects. If you’re railing more than a gram a day, you may be over doing it and not following some of the commandments outlined in this post. If you stay wired 24/7 by doing more than a gram, you will not enjoy the blow and the binge after day 2.

5.  Sleep at Least 4 hours a Day

If you want to enjoy the euphoria and make the best use of the coke, do your best to get some sleep throughout your binge. Sleep helps your mind and body recover. A healthy mind and body means you will enjoy the coke and party more. Your horomones (dopamine, adrenaline, etc) need to recharge and recover and sleep is what helps you recover. We’ve done binges were we had 2hr to 0 hours a sleep a day, and you feel like an emotionless zombie by day 4. Get sleep and recover like a pro.

6. Keep Nasal Decongestant Near You

High quality coke should not congest your nose. Chances are, if you are going on a 5-day bender, your shit will get congested and it will be difficult to snort the Bolivian Marching Powder. Have some nasal decongestant near by because to help liberate your nostrils. If you’re traveling to South America, make sure you buy it in the USA as a tiny bottle of nasal decongestant is more expensive than a gram of coke.

7. Have a Cocaine Spoon

When you’re doing a binge, don’t expect to be doing lines of some nice glass table with a rolled up $100 bill. No, you’re going to be making runs to the bathroom and sneaking one in. Most people use keys or do credit card bumps, but they can be really tricky to use, especially if you’re fucked up. If you’re going to do a binge, have a “cocaine spoon” with you. It’s easier to scoop it out of the baggie and you get about the same fixed amount per bump.

8. Keep it in a Plastic Baggie

It’s the most convenient way carry your yayo. You open it up and zip it shut when you’re done. The plastic prevents it from getting wet and its easy to pass it to your bro without having to worry about it getting dropped. We’ve carried blow in dollars, paper, grocery, etc and it just makes it really inconvenient to get the blow. This nuisance adds up especially during a binge.

9. Eat Prior and During Binge

Cocaine kills your appetite. You will feel like shit by day 3-4-5 if you’re not eating prior to doing coke at the beginning of the day. Your body needs the nutrients to create the hormones and adrenaline that give you the energy throughout your binge. If you avoid eating, you will just be doing more bumps to feel the same high. Food also makes the crash smoother because withdrawals suck more when

10. Always Check for Residue

You’re on a 5-day bender, you don’t want to look like some coke-head or newbie. Every time you do a bump or line, clean yourself up and make sure there’s no coke residue on your nose or shirt. Always be smooth and not some pompous douche-bag from New Jersey. The last thing you want to have is some residue while you talk to some law enforcement and give them a reason to frisk you for drugs.

11. Avoid Other Drugs

Do not mix with other drugs. You do not know how they react and most will cancel the effects of blow. This includes prescription drugs assigned by your doctor and given by your friends (Dan Bilzerian had a heart attack because he mixed it with Viagra). Only pair it with alcohol, nicotine and limited amounts of caffeine. Nothing beats doing blow, its euphoric and energizing and the last thing you want is to tweak out or cancel the effects out.

12. Avoid Physical activity

Physical activity and blow don’t go great. Cocaine thins your blood vessels, if you start doing something physical (besides sex) you are at risk for a heart attack. During a 5-day binge, your body is in no shape for exercise, only partying.

13. No Blow Before Sex

Read our article, Going Soft in Medellin, for a prime an example as to why you shouldn’t do blow before sex. You’re doing a binge and partying, cocaine is passing through your system like no tomorrow. The last thing you want is to be all coked out and you’re about to fuck a 9/10 and your dick stays limp. You’re not going to get hard anytime soon and your better of taking the L. Don’t do blow at least 30 minutes before fucking. Instead, take celebratory bumps after you’re done and get back to partying. Also, putting cocaine on your dick does not do anything except numb it. That’s the opposite of what you want.

14. Share

Cocaine is a social drug. If you’re going on a 5-day bender, share it with your boys and the chicks you bang. Sure you might do a couple bumps at the club by yourself to wake up but this shouldn’t always be the case. People remember when you give them bumps and if you ever run out, they will more than happily give you some bumps. Sharing provides an opportunity to spend time sharing stories and discussing the next move during your binge. This always leads to amazing memories and experiences.

15. Expect Withdrawals

If you think you’re going to be 100% after partying like a Colombian frat star for 5 days, you’re in for a huge surprise. Expect to be extremely tired, unemotional, and everything coming at you boring. Recovery to 100% pre-cocaine binge will take anywhere from 7-14 days.




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