Slovak Prime Minister Drops Cocaine on Live-TV

Check it out.

A lot of people are unsure on whether Peter Pelligrini, who just assumed office for Prime Minister of Slovakia on March 22, 2018, dropped a bag of blow on live TV. We looked at different videos of the same video and concluded that this is indeed blow.

As you can see in the video, he pulls his phone out of his coat pocket and what appears to be a baggie falls on the table. Coat pockets are perfect locations to put baggies since you can grab it quicker. It’s closer to your hands compared to pants, and the pockets tend to be a little bit loose, making it easier to grab the blow when you do bumps in the bathroom of a club. We are pretty sure its blow because the baggie drop happens to us all the fucking time when we reach into our pockets for our phones or wallet. The fucking bags either slides out as you grab your shit or they tend to stick on for a couple seconds this fall off. We’ve lost countless amounts of baggies when we reach for our phones or wallets and Pelligrini is lucky the bag fell right in front. We hate to lose a gram, especially if we bought it in Europe because that shit aint cheap.

Further, look at Pelligrini’s body language after he realizes he dropped his bag of blow. First, he keeps the bag in his hands and doesn’t put it back in his pocket. It’s his mother fucking precious. If it was a piece of paper or something that’s not blow, he would’ve put it back. It’s obvious that’s is blow because he keeps it in his hand because he doesn’t want to repeat the drop again. Additionally, look at he acts throughout the rest of the video. He looks guilty as fuck trying to walk off his mistake by talking with the guy behind him hoping buddy didn’t see him drop the bag. He appears a bit nervous given how he’s fixing himself towards the end (it could be the cameras). Finally, he puts his phone back in his coat pocket but he’s still holding on to the blow! That’s the dead give-away. He holds on to the baggie like its his mother fucking precious. If it was a piece of paper, like a receipt, you will disregard that shit ASAP. It’s okay Pelligrini, we’ve been through the same situation, only without cameras.

We also concluded that is indeed Uhriginal. If you’re not up to date in Slovakian politics note that the previous prime minister resigned after a journalist investigating ties between the Italian mob (cocaine pushers) and top government officials got whacked. A guy with a Sicilian name is now a top dog in European politics. Pelligrini definitely does blow on the regular and bangs 9/10 Eastern European hookers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is true masculinity here boys and a man we inspire to be.


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